Impact of Weather & Season Changes on Nasal Health


Nasal health is something that isn’t really given much thought until necessary.

But precaution is always better than cure and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to taking care of your nasal health is as wise as it is healthy. Today, we’re diving into an important topic that affects us all - the impact of seasonal changes and weather on nasal dryness.

You see, our noses are remarkable organs. They serve as our body’s built-in air filters, helping us breath clean, moistened air. However, when the seasons change and the weather plays tricks on us, our nasal passages can often become a bit moody. Let’s explore how these external factors can influence nasal dryness and what we can do about it.

How does Nasal Dryness Occur?

The inside of your nose is lined with mucus membranes that produce mucus to keep your nasal passages moist. This helps filter out dust, allergens, and bacteria, keeping you healthy and comfortable.
Dry nasal passages often result from reduced mucus production in the sinuses, leading to a dry and irritated nose. Various factors can contribute to the decrease in mucus production, with common culprits being colds or allergies. [1]

The Cold and Dry Winters

Winter is often associated with a significant increase in nasal dryness.
Here’s why:

  • Low Humidity: Environmental factors, such as dry air, low humidity, and exposure to irritants like dust, smoke, and pollution, are common contributors to the development of a dry nose. Cold air during the winter is one factor that makes your nasal passages feel dry and uncomfortable.[2]
  • Less Hydration: During winter, people often drink less water because they don’t feel as thirsty as they do in the summertime. This can lead to overall dehydration, which affects the moisture in your nasal passages.[3]
  • Indoor Heating: Heating systems can be your best friend in winter, but they can also be the enemy of your nasal passages. Most heating methods reduce humidity in your home, which can worsen nasal dryness.[4]

Solutions for Winter Nasal Dryness [5] 

Use a Humidifier: Investing in a humidifier can work wonders for your nasal health. It adds moisture to the air in your home, making it easier for your nasal passages to stay hydrated.

Stay Hydrated: Don’t forget to drink water, even when you’re not feeling thirsty. Hydration is essential for your overall well-being, including your nasal health. [6]

Rhinaris® to the Rescue [7]: At Rhinaris®, we have a range of solutions, like our nasal lubrication products, designed to help you combat nasal dryness without any addictive or rebound effects. They’re easy to apply and suitable for both adults and children.

Sunny Days & Dry Air

Now let’s talk about the dryness that can sneak up on you during those sunny summer days. While you might be reaching for sunscreen, your nose might be silently crying for moisture.

  • High Temperatures: Hot weather often comes with high temperatures, which can lead to increased sweating. Sweating is not a direct cause of a dry nose, but excessive sweating can lead to dehydration, and dehydration may contribute to overall dryness in the body, including the nasal passages [8] [9].
  • Air Conditioning: Although we love the refreshing blast of air conditioning, it can zap humidity from the air indoors, creating a drying effect.

Solutions for Summer Nasal Dryness

Hydrate: We can’t stress this enough. Drinking plenty of water is a good defense against summer nasal dryness [10].

Limit A/C: Try not to overdo the air conditioning. If you must use it, make sure the room isn’t too cold, and consider using a humidifier to balance out the dry air.

Rhinaris® Products [11]: Our nasal lubrication products help you maintain nasal moisture, no matter the season.

Transitioning Between Seasons

Spring and fall are the seasons of transition, and they bring their own challenges for nasal health.
In the fall, you might experience chilly nights and warm days. These temperature fluctuations might lead to congestion and dryness [12],making it a challenging time for your nasal passages.
Regardless of the season, using Rhinaris® products can help you maintain that crucial nasal moisture. They’re designed for easy self-application and can be used by the whole family.


In conclusion, while seasonal changes and weather can influence nasal dryness, there are steps you can take to protect your nasal health all year round. Remember to stay hydrated [13], manage your indoor environment, and consider using Rhinaris® products to keep your nasal passages comfortable and moisturized.

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